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Branding and identity, digital and creative consultancy, creative direction, interior design, interior styling, website design, motion
graphics, website development, application design, application development, packaging design, social media content, animation,
project management, artistic direction. Contact us for our extended portfolio.

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Meet our founders

Clamp was formed via the partnership of 5 individuals across the Computing and Technology, Art and Design, and Architecture sectors amalgamating as one to create a digital powerhouse: Clamp.

Together they form a creative and innovative team with a collective experience of over a decade, and a proven track record of satisfaction with global organisations, both individually and as a cohort.

Clamp take pride in their versatility and see their differences as a strength. The agency was formed by Claude Kiseke, Laila Katumba, Aurelie Tshiama, Mabintou Kolley and Perola Da Cruz.

Mabintou Kolley

Creative Director

Claude Kiseke

Technology Director

Aurelie Tshiama

Architectural Director

Laila Katumba

Development Director

Perola Da Cruz

Design Director